Sew a Simple Diaper Pail Liner in 20 minutes or less

28 Aug


Have you ever looked at something and thought there is no way I am paying x amount of dollars for it.  I know I could make it.  Well that’s exactly what I did the other day.  I had been wanting to make a diaper pail liner for out diaper pail for months and finally took a break from working on our house and made one.  

It was pretty easy you will need a sewing machine, thread, elastic, and PUL fabric.  (I used PUL so that the liner would not leak).  First measure your diaper pail by height and around the top. 

take your measurement for around the top of your pail and add 6″.  My measurement was 45″ so 45+6=51.  Then Divide that number (in my case 51) by 2 to tell you how wide to cut your piece of fabric.  At this point mine was 25.5. 

Then take your height measurement and also add 6″.  The height of my pail is relatively small at 14″ so 14+6=20.  Next cut 2 pieces by your measurements mine were 25.5X20. 

Place the fabric right sides together.  Leaving the top open sew the other 3 sides together.  You can use a regular seam, French seam, or serger.  Then sew a piece of elastic to the top edge using a zig zag stitch.  You want your elastic to be less than the measurement around the top of the pail.  I simply placed a piece of elastic around the top of the pail and pulled the elastic to the tightness I desired and then cut the elastic.  Then enjoy your bag! 

If you have the same pail that I have you will want to add a small button hole in order to allow the step opening mechanism to work.  I simply placed the bag onto the pail and marked where I would like the button hole to be. 

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